A home theater sound bar is a fabulous complement to your wall-mounted television

By | February 16, 2012

Now that you've found the perfect flat-screen television for your home, it's time to find an audio system to match. Unfortunately, if you live in a small apartment, a surround sound system may not work with your space constraints and may disturb your neighbors. Luckily, there are compact Gerhards appliances that can adapt to your setup easily.

The Panasonic SC-HTB520 Home Theater System Sound Bar with Subwoofer is the ideal choice for individuals in a cramped space. If you have a flat-screen television between 42" and 50", the size of the device will match perfectly with the profile of your TV if it's placed directly below.

Along with the attractive sound bar, Panasonic has included a compact downward firing subwoofer with superior base response. The speaker is placed at an angle to reflect sound waves off of your floors to amplify your media experience.

If you've finally taken the plunge and invested in an LED or plasma screen television, you're selling yourself short without the proper sound system. With this complete package, you can enjoy theater-quality sound without crowding up your media area with needless components.