Gerhard’s Appliances – Break out the deviled eggs when your family arrives for Easter

By | April 3, 2012

Easter is only a few days away, so if you already have your beverages and your entree set, what will you give your friends and family when they arrive at your home? Instead of cheese and crackers or a veggie plate, surprise your relatives with homemade deviled eggs that you can make on your brand new Gerhards appliance.

This recipe is very easy to throw together and there's plenty of versatility with toppings and spices to suit your family's palette. According to the Food Network, after hard boiling as many eggs as you'll need, cut them in half and remove the yolks and place them in a small bowl. You can then add mayonnaise, pickle relish, salt and pepper until the mixture reaches the consistency you desire.

Manually place the egg mixture back into the egg whites, or place it into a frosting bag to give it a whipped look. You can top the finished product with paprika or a bit of cayenne pepper if your family loves spicy foods.

This is a wonderful dish to break out for your Easter brunch or dinner. It's the perfect light snack for cocktail hour and will make a wonderful addition to your table spread.