Gerhard’s Appliances – Cut down on your waste during spring cleaning with a trash compactor

By | March 21, 2012

Spring cleaning season is finally here, and if you're going to be cleaning out your basement or your attic, you'd be surprised at how much waste you'll produce. If you're looking to make the process a bit greener this year, there are many Gerhards appliances that can limit your impact on the environment.

With all of the trash that you'll produce in your home during your cleaning frenzy, you may go through copious amounts of garbage bags and add more to the waste stream than you ever expected. A trash compactor can be a great way to reduce the size of your pile of trash and drag out less to the curb each week.

The Whirlpool GX900QPP Undercounter Trash Compactor will install seamlessly into your kitchen and featured a black and stainless steel design that can adhere to any modern aesthetic. The device features 1.4 cubic feet of space to accommodate a large amount of trash can break it down into a far more manageable package.

Best of all, the smooth internal surface makes the appliance easy to clean and will look like new with a wipe of a cloth.