Gerhard’s Appliances – Shake up your weeknight routine with a Buffalo chicken salad

By | April 12, 2012

If you're trying to get your family to eat healthier, embracing natural foods and reducing your fat content is the best way to go. Buffalo wings are a classic snack food that you can reinvent in a much healthier context. According to the Food Network, pairing this dish with a healthy blue cheese dressing will be a wonderful treat on a weeknight.

Start by picking up salad mix and pre-cooked chicken that you can toss in hot sauce. This will help limit your preparation time and you can buy extra chicken if you want the salad to be a bit more hearty. Other veggies like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and celery will be wonderful additions to the dish.

Your dressing will consist of two tablespoons of mayo, a quarter cup of fat-free yogurt, a teaspoon each of white vinegar and sugar, a third of a cup of blue cheese crumbles and cracked pepper for taste. After everything is finely tossed, you'll have a quick and delicious meal your family will be clamoring for.

Punching up a standard salad is a wonderful way to get your family to eat healthier, and you can create all sorts of new dishes by investing in a new Gerhards appliance this spring.